About Us

Pecasa prides itself in offering Premium Garden Rooms and Annexes and thrive in offering the best experience with minimal disruption to you hence our two week or less installation guarantee so that you an enjoy your extra space without delay or inconvenience !

Most of our business is by recommendation, which we believe is the best way, as it our best way of measuring the high level of satisfaction from our clients.

We have a Local Showroom to assist you designing your perfect Pecasa Garden Room and/or to book a personal inspection of your garden space. You can even visit our local warehouse (by prior appointment ) to see how the production and pre-assembling takes place.

We firmly believe that a Pecasa Premium Garden Room is not a cost/expense but an investment! The space gained gives so many benefits including mental well being plus the money invested will increase accordingly on the value of your home!


Benefits of our Pecasa Garden Rooms

Comfort and Relaxation

A comfortable and organised physical space allows for relaxation and stress relief after a long day.


More space allows family members their own private areas, promoting a sense of independence and reducing household conflicts.

Mental Health

A cluttered and disorganised physical space can have a negative impact on mental health and well-being.


A well-defined physical space for work or studying can increase productivity and focus.

Physical Health

A physical space for exercise and physical activity can promote health abd wellness.


A designated physical space for socialising with family and friends can strengthen relationships nad promote bonding. Overall, physical space at home plays a significant role in promoting physical, mental, emotional well-being, as well as fostering relationships and productivity.