Garden Rooms

Pecasa is a great solution to add beneficial space which can be enjoyed within two weeks from installation start date due to both, the innovative screw foundations and most of the structure being pre-assembled off site in our local warehouse.

Benefits of garden rooms

Some of the popular uses


Home Office
A quiet, secluded space for working from home.


Cinema Room
Relaxing space to watch films


Create a personal gym


Art Studio
Space for artists to create and store their work


A playroom for children and adults alike, offering a safe fun Pecasa Space to play


Yoga Meditation Room
A place to relax the mind with comfortable flooring and natural light


Music Room
Space for music practice and performance

Pecasa is innovative forward thinking garden spaces with the ultimate aim of improving physical and mental health!

A Pecasa is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and surrounds, fully insulated, air conditioned and can be used as a variety of different uses like a gym, office, cinema room, play room etc…

How long does it take to get one?

Pecasa guarantee a ready to be used fully installed within 14 days or less!

How can it be Premium and such a top quality product inside and out, yet so quickly installed ?

Pecasa has a local warehouse based in Watford where all the preparation and pre-assembling takes place by the expert production team, meaning the 14 days or less installation can be guaranteed on all installations and of course, without compromising on quality!

What else sets Pecasa aside from the opposition?

The experience! Pecasa ensure that the area in the garden is fully blocked off with a lovely branded banner so the professional installers work fully behind the scenes so to a great degree their presence is invisible to the household through the installation until unveil day! Effectively it’s a ‘one day your garden space is there and, 14 days or less, a Pecasa pops up ready for use “ without any unsightliness in between!

Is there a showroom?

Yes, everyone is welcomed to pop in to the showroom at 168 Deans Lane, Edgware / Mill Hill HA8 9NT where an actual replica of a garden room with the many uses can be seen live!

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