Popular uses


Garden room ideas are based on the garden theme while encompassing modern and traditional elements. The design uses earth tone colours, a neutral colour palette and spacious seating arrangements.

Our designers used various furnishing to create masterpieces. The uniqueness factor has been given to this idea as it prevents total white colour palette. A layer of greenery across two ends of the room makes it lush while adding a pop of colour to the room with flowers at various places.

Here are Pecasa’s garden room’s popular uses
1. Space
2. Private study or work
3. Library room
4. Conservatory

More popular uses for the garden room include:
1. A place to get away from the world
2. A place to relax and play games with friends
3. A place for romantic dinners
4. Dreaming of a home that is serene and peaceful but also a place to enjoy the comfort
5. Surprise your family with a new garden room
6. Take advantage of today’s styles for your dream garden room
7. Get inspired by the townhouses in London


Choose Pecasa for building the perfect garden room for you. We work on Entertainment spaces to relax, read, and drink, such as


If you are a fitness person and need a place to relax, exercise, train, and focus, we have


If you need extra space to retreat, escape, enjoy, shelter, and store, we will build


Are you trying to work from home? Choose the perfect place to concentrate, create, work, research, and video chat like

Pecasa Premium Garden Rooms can serve a variety of purposes. Some of the most popular uses include:

  1. Home Office – A quiet, secluded space for working from home.
  2. Cinema Room – Relaxing space to watch films.
  3. Gym – Create a personal gym.
  4. Art Studio – Space for artists to create and store their work.
  5. Yoga or Meditation Room – A place to relax the mind with comfortable flooring and natural light.
  6. Playroom -Pecasa Space for a playroom for children and adults alike , offering a safe and fun place to play.
  7. Music Room – Space for music practice and performance.